**Please read before ordering**

Prices quoted on this website includes delivery to all ViBe Venue or other selected independent Jive venues but NOT home delivery. Once you have made an order you will be called or emailed to confirm your order and it will be dispatched within 7 - 10 working days if in stock otherwise we will inform you how long it will take.

The largest available shoes size for ALL shoes is UK7.5. We keep stock from size UK4.5 to UK6. If the shoes you order are not in stock, we need 2 weeks production time. If you require home delivery please click on the delivery button below.

Pay here for home delivery £3.99.

For shoes delivered direct to your home address there is a £3.99 charge with recorded tracking. Please click the add to cart button if you want your shoes delivered directly to your home.

Please take care when ordering your shoe size: You should measure your actual foot length first from toe to heel, then compare with my shoes length on above chart. Please allow at least 5mm space bigger. For example, if you actual foot length is 24.2cm, then you should order the UK5.5. or if your actual foot is 24.7cm, then you should order the size UK6.

ViBe MH Range

MH1 (1") Soft Black Leather

MH2 (1") Black Leather + Black Suede

MH3 (1") Black Leather + White Leather

MH4 (1") Black Leather

ViBe MG Range

MG1 (1") Black Leather + Shiny Black Leather

MG2 (1") Black Leather + White Leather

MG4 (1") Black Leather + Red Leather

ViBe MA Range

MA1 (1") Black Leather

MA2 (1") Soft Black Leather

ViBe MB Range

MB1 (1") Black Leather

MB2 (1") Shiny Black Leather

ViBe ME Range

ME1 (1") Soft Black Leather (split sole)

ME2 (1.5") Soft Black Leather (split sole)

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