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Feedback is important to us, so we can keep ViBe as Kents number 1 dance venue. We actively promote feedback, both good and bad, after all we are providing the service for you and you are a valued customer. You can leave your feedback in many ways, either hit the feedback button to send an email, write in the feedback book in the venue or call me on 07957 927270. If there is no reply, leave a message and I will get back to you.

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"hey guys, had a great night at the movies yesterday at Crayford, and tonights cheese party at Northfleet was totally awesome!!! well done all of you"
Phill Newman

"hi Dwain, just to say what a brilliant night on Friday's Valentines Ball, it was great to see so many people taking part in dressing up and looking so smart. Well done, we look forward to the next event"
Martin and Janet

"just to say that I thought the steal dancing last night was good - it seems to work well when there are even numbers of men and women. I thought the salsa night was extremely enjoyable."
Jennifer Hill

"Good fun last night. Really enjoyed the Salsa lesson and hope to try out Rosie's 6-week course in November need to get those hips moving!"

"Really enjoyed the Salsa class last night D. Made a change to learn something different and she was an excellent teacher."
Tracy xxx

"Hi Dwain, just wanted to say that I loved the salsa dancing last night - it was fantastic fun and the teacher was fab. Would be great to do salsa again or other dances in the future (though I have to say am aching somewhat this morning.... :0) Angie x ps. love coming to ViBe on Wednesday evenings - one of my favourite evenings of the week!"

"Dwain, thanks for an enjoyable night last Wednesday. Myztikal were very good and the photos on your website and Facebook site are very good. Well done Jax for the photos. You have started a friendly, enjoyable dance club, congratulations."
Gary Walter

"P.S Good lessons last week - good moves and lots of laughs!"
Regards, Sue Robinson

"Enjoyed the evening, will be attending again. The Street dancing was brilliant, 10 out of 10 for effort, they deserve it."
Keep on Jiving, Regards, Dave M

"Really enjoyed Wednesday, Thought the dance group were really good. Had some good dances and like the little touches like the towels etc. "
Love Laura

"Hey Dwain, I love your web site, provides detail without getting lost in it, colourful and refreshing without distraction and easy to navigate. "
Ian Oliver

"Hi there this is only my third time dancing and Ive had a great night. Susie and Andy were great in the beginners room along with the other crew people, thoroughly enjoyed it! "
Nicky x

"Hello this is my very first time and have really loved it. Rarely ever dance in public but was made to feel so relaxed. Susie helped so much and well done for putting up with my two left feet. Will be doing it again very soon. Thanks to the whole team."

"Congratulations Dwain, what a super night, and your programme for the next 2 months looks really exciting and SO different from all the other options. You deserve every success for coming up with something different."
Kind regards, Maura

"Lovely evening, loads of fun and great teachers."

"Great atmosphere, very friendly. Enjoyed the lesson. Thanks! Will be back."

"Very good evening nice to see so many good dancers, great teachers."

"This is my favourite venue and I had a fantastic evening and I will be back next week for more."

"Great friendly atmosphere, great class, just great!!"

"Still the best venue! Dwain put some ads in your newspaper for more men so it evens things up a bit, Im bloody knackered, ha ha. Had a good night so keep it going. Cheers."
Ian & Sue

"Nice mix of people, very friendly. Good teaching & good venue."

"Super night, Heres to many more, Can I have another mint?"

"Good to be back at Crayford. Great teachers and coaches. Excellent first night. Keep it up."
Esther, Steve & Sarah

"Well done on your opening night baby. The night was perfect, superb teaching, great freestyle music. Keep it up baby, I know you will do well."

"Class brill, agood night. Floor bit sticky but other than that brill night. "

"Impressed with the teaching and friendliness of other dancers. The effort you have put in to make this evening such a success is much appreciated, a great atmosphere. Good Luck. "

"Could do with more men. Had a great evening. Enjoyed beginners moves, intermediate moves ok. I would rather 1 hard move with 2 easier ones as then I would grasp them better and be able to dance them. Enjoyed the longer freestyle, I could have danced all night."
Love and God Bless Sheila

"Wishing you much success for your new venture. You deserve to do well, a great deal of effort was put into organising tonights event from you and your team, much appreciated. Enjoyed the venue, music and dancing. Lessons were taught well, moves very clearly explained. Loyalty is important, wishing you all well."

"honey, you are fabulous as you know. Had a great evening and well be back."

"Well done Dwain! We knew you could do it! Great venue, great atmosphere and great dancers! Loved all the special touches, tablecloths and the DVD screens! Congrats & Happy Birthday.PS: I want a towel & bag next week"

Chris T